2015 Brings Innovations in Finance, Health, and Advertisement


It is easy to predict things for the long term but predicting things for a specific year is much harder, even if it starts in just 5 days. Yet LinkedIn issued the BigIdeas2015 challenge and I accepted.

I am only making sure bets here because of personal knowledge or trends I have seen. But these things will definitely bring great innovations in the fields they affect.


There is a huge underbanked sector in America and companies like http://waleteros.com/ will revolutionize how they live their lives by giving them the opportunity to have their own banking account and I am sure in the long run to get them into the credit system. Companies like these will redefine banking and make it accessible to everyone. But, it will not only reach the underbanked in the US it will reach worldwide. Obviously there will be other changes in the financial sector but this will be the biggest in 2015 I believe and long term it will create as huge a change in finance as Uber is creating for transportation.


The digital advertisement field has not changed much in decades. There are “new” products each year but they are just a different version of a previous product or innovations in big data that make ads more effective. However, the mechanism of the ads have not changed. In 2015 a huge change will come to the advertisement industry which will affect offline ads and easily allow them to bring customers to the advertisers’ content. It will be the first truly new method of advertisement in decades!


Healthcare is being transformed faster than ever. Google Ventures is spending about 33% of their funds in healthcare startups. Healthcare is broken and 2015 will see the start of new innovations in Healthcare as more and more capital flows into innovative startups. 2015 is also the year where the Tricorder Xprice is judged (although the winner will be announced on January 2016) making Sci-fi a reality and giving us a glimpse of the future of medicine where the average person can have their own doctor in their pocket and preventive care will become more important. With more and more wearable and network-aware devices entering our lives not only will healthcare be affected directly but indirectly as well by preventing problems before they start.

Long-Term Predictions

My longer term predictions are so radical that I will not mention how they will change here, I will just give an overview. I know that the current social network services will be severely affected by a trend of one-to-many. Advertisement will change greatly with more innovations in all consumer touch points. The term Netizen will actually mean something and will finally be completely defined. Transportation will be disrupted beyond land transportation and beyond the unsustainable Uber model. Transportation will create niches of services to address every need. Healthcare will become more and more like Star Trek and issues related to longevity will become a new field for innovation. Banking will have no borders and banks as we know them now will barely be holding on by their teeth if they manage to exist at all. Wearable and the internet of things will transform everything and make our lives easier but less private so privatization innovations will start being created. Personalization in everything from clothing, transportation, and medicine will be huge as we stop being cattle that fit into pre-defined molds and become individuals that can create our own identity in just about everything we deal with. Advances in food science will finally make nutritious great tasting with perfect appearance and texture artificial meat and other difficult to grow or create foods. Generics will eventually create animals that can produce artificial products (like the goats that produce spider silk) or are healthier for us and the environment…and eventually approach the Ameglian major cow (alas good all fashion humor will never go out of style)!

Happy New Year to All!!!! Keep the innovations coming!

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