A Great Innovation Cannot Thrive Without a Great Execution


Recently I was invited to a website with a great concept. However, the execution of the concept was poor and I was not impressed. The concept was great and what it offered was also great but it broke many tech startup rules such as using an effective freemium method to build the audience. I was the right target audience but they failed to talk to me. I left it without interacting with it even though it showed great promise. I talk a great deal about the innovation being the star not the founders, but I fail to emphasize that the execution of the innovation is key to its thriving. But I do emphasize that if the founders are not ready to be the CEO that a professional CEO should be hired that can help put the right people in place to get the execution right. Bottom line the innovation can get moving but it will eventually lose steam and stop thriving if the execution is wrong.

I am not one to say because I have great innovations ready and patented but I have trouble with execution. My latest deals with monetizing search in a way completely different than it has ever been done. Executing it seems easy since it soooh simple in concept, but lately working on the execution plans I am discovering I am having trouble even with such a simple concept. It is not that is difficult but putting it together in an easy to understand way is hard for me. The key here it is hard for me, so of course I will have help for this soon. Tt just proves that if you want outstanding success you must execute properly and include your entire audience personas in the mix. It also means that almost everyone needs a team they can rely on to help them achieve proper execution. It is amazing how little things matter from the colour of a button to where and image or video is, down to a single word.

Getting execution right is not as easy as most people think. They focus on the concept and how wonderful it is and how much it can help people but they forget that it is people who make it work and they must present it in a way that is easy to understand and easy to use. It is more than just UX/UI it is processes and psychological considerations and content and much more. Execution involved an entire team of disciplines to get right. It is more than features, it is how those features help the average user within your target market and how it speaks to each persona that is in your audience without ignoring or confusing the others. This is what happened to me when I went to that site, I was a persona but the site did not speak to me and as the axiom goes you got 10 seconds to convince someone before they leave, so I left. Knowing it was a good concept, which may one day might apply to me, but that it did not quickly tell me how it can help me now, so it was too much trouble to try to read more and figure out how I could use it. With proper execution, they would have counted me as one of their members, this is how serious execution is. Multiply this effect by 100K and you eventually lose too much of your audience as others leave unsatisfied even if it did apply to them in some way.


A great innovation without great execution will not thrive

Executing even an easy innovation requires many disciplines to make it clear and useful to all its audiences

Achieving great execution will save money and increase sales more than any other factor

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