Entrepreneurs: If Life Gave Lemons How Innovative Can You Be?


The saying goes: If life gave you lemons, make lemonade. But we are entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors and surely we can come up with much more creative things to make with an unlimited amount of lemons? Here is your chance to work your creative mind, what 10 practical and creative things can you make with lemons other than lemonade or lemon juice? Please write your responses in the article comments below.

Do not make the mistake to think that only highly intelligent people can be creative. In summary study of scientific creativity paper, the author concluded:
“The general conclusion with respect to intelligence and creativity is that a certain degree of intelligence is required if one is to be creative, but beyond that point being more or less intelligent does not determine the level of a person’s creativeness; and the level of intelligence required for creativity, which varies from field to field, is sometimes surprisingly low.” Even animals can show great creativity and we are recognizing that many more animals than we thought now use tools in creative ways. If you exercise your creativity it can flow from you even if you are no genius!

Here is a chance for you to put weights on a creativity bar and lift a small or large amount during your creativity workout. The challenge I am issuing is that you produce at least 10 practical and creative things that you can make with lemons other than lemonade or lemon juice. Obviously if you need a factory or whatever to make the product, it is assumed you have it—the end product is the only thing that matters. The important thing is to come up with creative uses that are practical and do not break the laws of physics. Also any variation of a creative idea do not count as more than 1 item, they have to be completely different. For example if you say I make lemon zest, and I make dried lemon peels for tea and I make lemon salt—since they all use the peels in a relatively similar way they would all count as one item only. Of course using the lemon peel as part of a skin astringent in a beauty product is completely different since it is a different application even if it is still the dried peel. I do not expect anyone to make all ten. But I would only consider someone a creativity athlete if they come up with more than three items. Coming up with 3 times is easy. I would consider anyone a college level creative athlete if you come up with 6, if you up with 7-8 an Olympic creative Athlete and 9+ a professional creativity athlete. Since variations of the same type of item is not allow this is a very hard exercise.

Here is an opportunity for you to load the barbells with innovation and do a heavy lift. Please give your answers below and please do not stop at 10 if you have more! I will include my list after 10 or more comments have been given!

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