How Google, Microsoft, Apple Can More Than Double Advertisement Revenue [Video]

Have you seen TV shows and ads putting Twitter tags on the screen to try to get people engaged?  Well now this same method can be used to literally surf the net directly with hashtags on steroids!  Not just take them to a third party but to the advertiser’s own content and custom engagement!

Although internet advertisement brings Google and others a huge revenue stream, Google is trying to find ways to diversify because cost per click is coming down each year and eventually it will be less profitable.  Now there is a way for Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla and others to more than double advertisement revenue thanks to a new invention that can literally change the way the internet functions currently! Similarly messaging and social media firms can benefit from this innovation because the natural language URL hashtags can be inserted into the messages and posts with a small change in code!   It can reenergize offline advertisement by virtually turning offline ads digital with a simple Hashtag URL Adword—but because these Adwords are easy to remember and can also be used in messages and webpages, they will continue to work even without advertisement!  As an added bonus this new system also make mobile surfing a pleasure compared to the burden it is now.


There is nothing new about URL forwarding, but they all require either remembering short but awkward URLs or having scanners installed in cell phones.  The beauty of the Hashtag URL Adword is that it works identical to a current URL so unlike the other systems the method of surfing does not change and is familiar; but it also works on search boxes, messages, posts, and websites!  The second beauty of this innovation is that it uses natural language keywords which can be easy to remember and even create memes in surfer’s mind.  Although it has many other advantages the last key feature is that it can make mobile surfing as easy as using voice input into the URL bar, instant messages, social media postings, and SMS messages; since it uses natural language the voice commands can easily capture them.

The reason that Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla are needed is that they need to make a small change in their browsers to recognize the hashtags and talk to the URL Adword registry to pull the hashtags into the URL bar or search results.  Also they already have a great advantage in that they can offer this great new advertisement product to their massive existing customer base!

Why would browser, social media, and messenger companies do this?  Well, because this innovation will move internet surfing forward from 1960s technology and make their browsers more important than ever but also because they will make a cut of the advertisement fees just for making one simple change.  Unlike traditional Adwords, URL Adwords are limited in number and once a company reserves one it must keep it much like a domain name to benefit from it and their competitors must run to get their own URL Adwords to stay competitive.  Like Domains this advertisement media is never ending!  More than doubling internet advertisement can benefit these companies greatly and it can be a great new way for offline advertisement to come to the internet!  Browser companies, advertisers, and consumers win!

Internet surfing has not changed since the 1960s, but internet technology has moved forward by leaps and bounds.  Since 99.999% of the net is surfed on a browser, the small change to using hashtag surfing (hashtags are not really needed by the way) sets the internet advertisement market on fire, but it also leads to at least two other major innovations which will be discussed in another article.  With the realization that browsers can significantly affect the way we use the internet many more innovations can be created that can transform the web.  This minor change can not only more than double internet marketing but can affect other aspects of the internet dramatically leading to a transformative change in the way the entire internet works!  This invention was required to support two other transformative inventions.  With this realization other innovators can also invent other ways to improve the internet!

This company is not yet funded, to make this transformation in the way that the internet works, please support the inventor by telling investors and Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Opera and others of this new innovation so they can get started profiting from it and making it a reality!  Without the browsers this innovation cannot happen, but with their cooperation, which they will profit from handsomely, together with the other two inventions, they will transform the way the internet currently functions!

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