How Web Browsers are the Largest Social Networks in the World


Browsers functions have not changed much since Marc Andreessen pioneered their modern version. Sure they have a lot of technology added but the browser companies have fallen asleep at the switch and not even attempted to innovate how the browser works in decades. In today’s highly social web this is shameful for many reasons: by upgrading their services they can not only create new income sources for themselves and other but more importantly gain more data and improve the surfer’s experience!

I discovered this insight when I was considering the three inventions I have created which requires browsers to make minor changes to the way they work. Browsers simply need to innovate and there are many things they can do to create a better experience. One of these, aside from my own innovations, is turning the browser into the largest social network in the world!

Aside from mobile apps which may have their own versions of a browser (but which are usually powered by one of the major browsers), 99.99999% of all internet users reach the web through one of the top browsers, and still nearly 100% of mobile app users still use browsers on a daily basis. Browsers are the bottleneck all web suffers must use to reach the web, so they are in a particularly privileged position to leverage this captive audience and create functions that make their experience way better. By simply adding a social layer browsers can improve social activities related to surfing if not beyond that. Since at least initially these social activities would be limited to social surfing they will not significantly impact the current social networks, though one of my innovations can disrupt the current social networks, the social layer I am thinking of will not. Then again I am not focused on carrying on this innovation myself, but an innovative startup may indeed disrupt the social networks as well.

Touching almost every net user in the world puts browsers in the enviable position to create an entire new social network based on surfing activities which can lead to more in the future. I would wake them up myself and consult with them but I have no contacts with these company—so it is up to someone who can reach them to point out that they are sitting asleep at the switch and need to keep up with today’s internet and continue innovating so they can provide the best possible service to us surfers!

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