Patent Pending Hashtags on Steroids! [Videos]

Patent Pending , Offline Advertising, and Undistributed

Hashtag is rampant everywhere in offline advertising to entice customer/fans to come engage with the advertisers.

The Problem

  1. Customers usually have to go to ,
    1. They must register and learn how to use it before they can get to the content.
  2. Advertisers lose ownership of the content created
  3. Advertisers have no control over the page and what competitor advertisements are served to their customers.

Hashtag are inherently flawed yet they are the best tool to date to bring offline traffic to the until now.

The Solution

Our patent pending URL substitution:

  • Allows users to type any natural keywords, with spaces and any symbol they desire, into the URL bar and be taken directly to the advertiser’s content.
  • Advertisers promote the keywords offline just like they do Hashtags now, but unlike hashtags that take customers to a third party site, the URL take customers directly to their content which they own and control 100%.
  • The Adwords function just like regular Adwords except they do not require a search in a search engine and they work instantly when clicked on the URL bar.
  • As they are used primarily for , they will not replace traditional Adwords, just add a new revenue stream for them.
  • Since they are easy to remember and use, people will remember the keyword phrases and use the common ones just as if they were domain URLs making them even more profitable and more useful to the advertisers who can get increased traffic!


  • Since it is patent pending and there are only a few ways of doing this that are already covered in the patent, it will have exclusive usage for the life of the patent.
  • URL Adwords are easy to use and work exactly as the web works now, nothing new to learn.
  • They are so easy that many common ones will be used to replace URLs and produce greater traffic for the original advertisers.
  • They are almost compulsory as once leaders in an industry start using them, the rest of the industry must start using them to decrease the disproportionate advantage of the advertisers. Think of the great domain rush of the 90s.
  • It has many additional usages including but not limited to having an undistributed social network that uses no company names in the “URL” only the person’s/business’ name or handle/slogan making it highly personal and desirable. This social network can replace emails and other social networks.

Testing the URL Adwords Yourself

It may be hard for many to visualize how it works, but luckily you do not have to.  You can download the Chrome plugin from and install it in the Chrome Browser, then in the browser settings choose ProfitAdword Search for your search engine.  Don’t worry you can always change it back.  After installing the extension visit and reserve your Adword by simply choosing the keyword or keyword phrase and entering its forwarding URL.  It is that easy and once your unique Adwords is created you can start using it by typing it on the URL bar.

You will notice your keyword will show up in the search return and you can simply choose it or finish typing and clicking return to being taken to the URL you inputted.  It is that simple!  Please note: if you enter the keyword the first time and get an error message, simply refresh the page and it should work the second time, it is a little bug in the system.  Once you finish testing you can simply choose your favorite search engine again and your searches will go back to normal.  Of course once properly funded this extension will be improved significantly!

How it Works

It is easier to show you than to write down how it works.  The following video shows exactly how the system works.


Innovations and Disruption that URL Adwords and the concept of no-URL navigation can create:

It will Change e-commerce forever

E-commerce is one of the biggest users of Adwords and URL Adwords can assist e-commerce business to achieve greater traffic, better branding, and control their customer interaction themselves instead of weakly doing it through a third party.

How it Can Disrupt

Beloved Google is the number one Adword provider, but suddenly any company with large enough membership can disrupt its control of Adwords.  is the biggest threat because not only can it affect the Adwords market but it can improve its social network significantly and bring it to the next logical level.  Although in the video we speak of Facebook really any large network or e-commerce entity can do the same as Facebook, so , , , , Twitter, and more can disrupt Google almost as easily.

How Google can Disrupt Facebook

Facebook is a behemoth that can even without Google changing the browser, can get a critical mass of its users to download and use the plugins.  So it is a big threat to Google, but Google can disrupt it completely by finally getting social right with the social network features of this invention.

How the Social Network capability can work

Although this feature will not be started until the Adwords product is fully developed, it is mentioned here to show the full scope of what is possible with this new invention and innovation.  Imagine a social network that gives you a universal Internet ID and makes you a true Netizen with your ID being your name or popular handle or for business they name or slogan or even keywords describing them.  Your beloved name is everything you need to reach all there is to do with you on the net and even off the net. Sorry due to patentable matter, we cannot show more specifics, but the monetization streams from this social network are much greater than even Facebook’s current one!

URL Adwords revolutionize internet navigation and offline advertising to merge both worlds together with an easy to use method of navigating, advertising, and even having your own single worldwide net ID.  It has the possibility to also create a platform that other innovators can utilize to advance the future of the internet on.  It is patent protected and it is extremely valuable.

If you are a qualified investor or can put us before decision makers at Google, Facebook, or other large companies, please contact us on Twitter at Phatinnovator and use the contact us form or call us using the number in the video.




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