Reinventing the Web Browser to Make it a Profit Center

browser-logosToday 99.9% of all web traffic happens in a browser. Browsers are very advanced in the way they keep up with technologies but apparently the browser company have not really thought of it as the huge profit center it can be. Since browsers are the vehicles to the internet they touch virtually everyone and they can be used to make more revenue by adding certain native features (not just plugins) to them that will help users and businesses alike while making the browser money!

I must admit I only saw this lack of innovation because I have an invention, the URL Hashtag Adword, that can make the browser its first ever overt profit. I know browsers make some revenues but they are not active and direct and they do not take advantage of the browsers’ great influence and power! After thinking of my own invention, I came to the realization that like it, there are many many more things that can be added to browsers that can make them direct profits, aside from my invention. I know that startups can make the leap to monetize the browser with the browser’s companies collaboration and improve the browsers for everyone!

The browser needs rethinking to optimize its services and in the process create revenue for the companies. They need innovation to make them a great active profit center for the browser companies and new startups that build on top of it, much like my very own invention. This is something that needs to happen to bring browser to our current technological level. Browsers are decades old and have not optimized their potential in all that time, it is time to disrupt them and make them better for everyone!

Perhaps since the browser can now make a great deal more money an even better browser completely built from the ground up with user services and revenue at is core can completely take over! Perhaps the Godfather of browsers, Marc Andreesen can make an encore? We can only hope!

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