The Stephen Colbert Blind Doctrine Can Fix So Much In This World!

Stephen Colbert’s stupidly smart and seemingly childish view of race and gender may be hilarious but if you take his “I don’t see race or gender” comment at its literal meaning then you can resolve so many problems in this world. He has found a way to speak about race and gender without overtly offending and walking the fine line on the race card because his brilliant stupidity really lets us know that race (and gender) do not matter; and that is the only way we will ever fix race relations and gender inequality when we do not see them judgmentally. Sure, this is a very simplistic view but if we all tried to be Stephen Colbert for a few years it might sink in that below the skin colour and the different body parts all people have hearts and souls which deserve as much opportunity as the rest of us and they have feelings, hopes, and aspirations as the rest of us and we need to see this human being as part of the human “race” not the black or Hispanic, or Asian, or woman, or gay, or whatever misconceptions we may have.


The Stephen Colbert Blind Doctrine is very hard to achieve in practice but with his lead we can begin talking and addressing these difficult issues without pointing fingers and finding/creating offense in everything. Through his hilarious way he points out that there are no real reasons that we should see the other as inferior or bad or weaker or whatever misconceptions we built inside us. He has found a pragmatic way to talk about each other’s differences without putting each other down or attacking our humanity just our often hilarious differences—which makes each “race” or gender unique and valuable and special compared to others. There is nothing wrong with being different as long as we are equal in opportunity and human respect!

If you ever feel that little twinge at the back of your neck when you see someone from another race or gender in a less than a favorable light, just think of Stephen Colbert and first of all you cannot help but lighten your heart because just his animated mug makes you laugh and his examples of dealing with these loaded subjects will further lighten your heart. So use his mantra “I do not see race or gender” and you will begin transforming yourself into a fairer person! With the Stephen Colbert Blind Doctrine you cannot go wrong. If nothing else it will bring mirth to your life and it can bring a greater level of peace to our collective souls—with this doctrine Stephen Colbert should be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize and through our practice of his wonderfully simple doctrine we can easy share a little piece of that peace prize with him!

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